Monday, April 11, 2011

"The Spotlight" April 2011 Edition

Howdy friends and neighbors of the hills!

The latest edition of the Montebello Chamber of Commerce's publication The Spotlight on Montebello is out and once again there is a full page "paid-advertisement" from Cook Hill Properties Llc., the wannabe developer of the Montebello hills.  Why, they even managed to snag a prime bit o' real estate in The Spotlight,  the ad appears in the "centerfold!"  Well, you know what they say in the business:  location, location, location!

The banner at the top of the ad reads, "Montebello Hills Community Is Needed, Say Residents."  It looks like Cook Hill has changed its tactics; instead of trying to dazzle (and sometimes befuddle!) us with long-winded explanations about economic "projections" and lists of "beneficial" facts about their project, they are now trying to appeal to "the people" of Montebello by featuring glowing testimonials from residents "just like us."

Yeah, riiiight.

In an earlier Cook Hill advertisement published in The Spotlight, Mr. Lodwrick Cook himself said, "we're bringing to Montebello an exciting opportunity for people from nearly every walk of life to live."  The same ad featured a map of the project site called the Montebello Hills Community Vision/Image Board.  The last line of the caption under the map reads:

The 1,200 new residences will feature a range of home types so that young, first-time buyers, growing families, and retirees can enjoy life in this new community.

Well, the newest ad features folks who sure look like they could represent the "retirees" portion of our community, at least those who aren't struggling to live on a fixed income, but what about the rest of Montebello?  Where are all  the "young, first-time buyers" clamoring for a chance at a 900 square foot condominium in the hills?  Or what about the "growing families?"

I don't know about you, but if I had the money to afford a "luxury detached home" I sure wouldn't buy one in the middle of a working oil field!

Daisy Mae

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