Saturday, July 21, 2012


Howdy friends and neighbors of the hills!

The Rio Hondo River.


Plains Exploration and Production has been judged GUILTY o' violating state water pollution laws for fouling the Rio Hondo River in 2010 and NOT REPORTING IT!!!!!!!!!

According to  EGP News:

Deputy District Attorney Dan Wright says the company in May agreed to pay $75,000, well over the maximum amount usually set for these types of crimes.

EGP News, "Oil Company Pleads Guilty in Montebello Spill Case", July 19, 2012

In an act of poetic justice, the settlement money will be split 3 ways between the Department of Fish and Game’s oil response cleanup fund, the L. A. County testing lab, and to pay for equipment used in the District Attorney’s office’s environmental investigations.

A victim of the 2011 PXP oil spill in the Rio Hondo River.

Rest in peace little fishy, justice has been served!!!!

Daisy Mae

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