Friday, October 10, 2014

Triumph at City Hall!

Our brains are safe...or are they?
Howdy friends and neighbors of the hills!

Well folks, y'all can let out a collective sigh o' relief now...this time, the good guys won!

The Montebello City Council voted unanimously to approve the public's request for a 15 day extension on the comment period for the Montebello Hills Specific Plan (MHSP) Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report (RDEIR)!

The council also agreed to hold a "joint study session" (with the Montebello Planning Commission) on the RDEIR.  At this meeting, members of the public will get a chance to make their comments directly to the council and commission.  Here are the particulars:

RDEIR Study Session
November 6, 2014
6:30 p.m.
City Council Chambers
1600 West Beverly Boulevard
Montebello, California, 90640

At the meeting, it was revealed that residents had been doing their part to vaccinate the City Council against the threat of a zombie plague.  The council received over 40 letters asking for the time extension along with several worried phone calls and emails. Nine brave souls took to the speaker's podium in defense o' the public's right to have enough time to tame the monster 5 volume RDEIR.

Oddly, nobody got up to speak against the extension.

All three feet of the RDEIR itself sat menacingly on a side table in the council chamber, waiting and watching.

The violins started clashing when the spokesperson for the development company stepped up to the mic and then...

...the spell was broken when the spokesperson said "we do not contest the public's request for a 15 day extension."

The council started their discussion on the matter but it was pretty clear which way the wind was blowing.  Even a certain council member had a change o' heart from the opinion he expressed to the Whittier Daily News.  The council member made it mighty clear that he had been "misquoted" by the WDN. 

Uh huh.

So, the time extension was approved, the zombie apocalypse didn't happen and nobody's brains got eaten. 

All's well that ends well!

...until the sequel!  *Dun, dun,dun!*

Daisy Mae

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