Saturday, October 5, 2013

Straight from the candidate's mouths

The Montebello Hills oil field

Howdy friends and neighbors of the hills!

Well folks, y'all may not have realized it yet but it's election season here in Montebello.  Seems the peculiar weather we've been having has stunted this year's crop o' campaign signs but they ought'a be sprouting like weeds soon enough.

Seven candidate's are hoping to win one of three seats on the Montebello city council:

Anna Arriola
Art Barajas (Incumbent)
Emma Delgado
Flavio Gallarzo
Daniel Hernandez (Current City Clerk)
William "Bill" Molinari (Incumbent)
Vivian Romero

So far, the politicking around town has been downright yawn-inducing.  In keeping with the red-flag warnings and our on-going, dry drought conditions, the only "mudslinging" has been the occasional dust up during city council meetings.

On September 26, the candidate's had a chance to participate in a forum hosted by the Armenian National Committee San Gabriel Chapter.  Three of the candidates, Emma Delgado, Flavio Gallarzo and Daniel Hernandez declined the invitation. Y'all can check out the story at EGP News.

The forum took place during the week and I've been told by folks who went that there was a small turnout. That's the bad news.  The good news is that a feller named Steven Andrade recorded the event on video and has posted it on YouTube!

Imagine my surprise to learn that our beloved Montebello hills ended up front and center o' the night's festivities!  Here is where you can view the videos for yourself:

2013 Montebello Candidate Forum (Part 1 of 3) 
24 minutes, 26 seconds
Introductions, reading of the statements of the candidates not in attendance, audience question #1.

2013 Montebello Candidate Forum (Part 2 of 3) 
26 minutes, 01. seconds
Questions 2 and 3.

12 minutes,05 seconds
Question #4:  What do you believe would be the advantages and disadvantages if the Montebello Hills Housing Project took place?

It's a crying shame those three other candidate's weren't there to answer this important question but maybe they'll put something in writing in their campaign literature.

Daisy Mae

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